Woman’s case ‘extremely rare’ but ‘not a mystery’

NEW ORLEANS (AP) A New Orleans woman’s case “extremely rare” but not a mystery, her family said Thursday.

A doctor said the 44-year-old woman was in her 20s when she was admitted to the emergency room with abdominal pain and pain that didn’t go away.

She said the pain worsened when she became pregnant.

She gave birth in May, and doctors have said she was fine, but her husband is in shock.

The family said it was a difficult time for the family, but that it was OK for the woman to be discharged.

The woman was an OB-GYN at a private practice, and her condition was so severe that she was put on a ventilator, her husband said.

A nurse at the clinic told a news conference the woman has been stable.

The New Orleans hospital spokeswoman, Lorie Filippi, said the patient’s condition had not been released.

The patient’s name was not released.