Gynaecology doctor accused of sexual assault

In the first report on a patient in Minnesota who says he was sexually assaulted by a gynecologist, the hospital has called on state authorities to launch an investigation.

Patterson Health System confirmed Thursday that Dr. William Patterson, who has been at the hospital for 18 years, was accused of “sexual assault” after the woman reported a complaint to a nurse.

Paterson said in a statement that it’s a very serious allegation and we’ve worked closely with the police and our medical staff to respond appropriately.

We have fully cooperated with their investigation and the state has initiated a criminal investigation.

“Patterson spokeswoman Lisa Eisengruber said in an email to The Associated Press that the hospital will cooperate fully with the investigation.”

We are grateful for the outpouring of support that has come to us from people across the country, and are working closely with law enforcement in Minnesota and the United States as well as the Minnesota Attorney General’s office to get to the bottom of this matter,” Eisensber said.

Pattington is a suburb of Minneapolis, where the city has been the site of a series of violent protests and protests in recent months.

Pattsons hospital, which is located near St. Paul and Minneapolis, has a large population of about 50,000 people, according to a website that tracks its health care spending.

Patty Patterson’s office did not respond to requests for comment.