Watson clinic gynecol surgery gets approval for 1,800 patients

IBM Watson clinic surgery is one of the first patients in the country to be approved by the state of Texas for its gynecological surgeries.

The Texas Health Care System will pay $8.5 million to Watson Clinic of Dallas to provide gynecologic surgery to its 1,895 patients.

Watson Clinic is a Texas-based company that provides healthcare software and has offices in the Dallas area.

The program will include 1,825 surgical procedures that will be done by Dr. John Watson and his team at Watson Clinic.

The surgery is expected to be completed in 2019.

According to the state health department, Watson Clinic will operate on a waiting list of 1,000 patients, which is about 2 percent of the total patients in Texas.

Watson clinic has received $11 million in state funding for its surgery program, which has already started.

The state health secretary says that the company has received over $1 million in private and state grants for gynecologist surgery, but has not yet disclosed the total amount.

The company has also received $7 million in federal grants for the same program.

The average cost of gynecologists surgeries is $5,500 per surgery, according to the Texas Health and Human Services Agency.

The state is also expanding the program to patients with a family member who has a history of cancer or an autoimmune disorder.

The program is expected have 10,000 operations over the next five years.

Watson is also working with doctors and hospitals to bring its surgery to patients from other states and to provide other services such as mental health and other special needs.

The company is also expected to expand its gynecomastia program to provide women with breast cancer care.

Watson said in a statement that it is working with local cancer centers and community groups to offer gynecologics services to women.

Watson also plans to expand gynecography to other areas of the country.