Physicians need to be better about admitting their own errors

OBGYN BOOK – VINLAND HEALTH CENTER – The health center has seen a spike in cases of gynecological infections and other serious infections due to a lack of staffing and supplies.

The center has the lowest-attainment rate of any health care facility in the state of Vermont.

PHYSICIANS NEED TO BE BETTER ABOUT ADMITTING THEIR OWN ERRORS – The Vermont Health Department is working to educate patients and their families about what can go wrong when doctors and other health care workers are not upfront about mistakes they make.

The department’s Health and Family Medicine program is in the midst of a training program for physicians and health care professionals about the importance of talking to their patients about how to identify and treat common errors and mistakes.

“The more they know, the more they can help patients to make better decisions,” said Janelle Coughlin, director of health care services for the department.

Vermont is among a number of states that have passed legislation that would require physicians to provide their patients with information on how to recognize and treat errors.

Health and Family Medical Program director Janelle Gough, right, speaks to a patient at the Vermont Health Center in Burlington.

The health centers has seen an uptick in cases and other conditions related to patients being improperly admitted.

The department has seen more patients and more infections since the law went into effect, and some of those patients are in urgent care units, according to the Vermont Department of Public Health.

MISSING STATEMENTS: Some doctors and health workers have missed several deadlines and missed deadlines for paperwork or other paperwork.

HOMES ARE TOGETHER: Vermont has a housing crisis.

Nearly all of Vermont’s households are at risk of homelessness.

FORTUNE: A new study by the RAND Corporation says that Vermont ranks as the third-worst state in the nation for economic recovery, behind only Nevada and Florida.

CLINICAL PHARMACY: The state has a large and growing number of doctors practicing in rural areas, which is a big concern.

The state is working on making certain that the clinics are staffed appropriately.

COMMUNITY HEALTH: The Vermont Community Health Center is in crisis.

The program has seen increases in cases, but it’s still not sufficient to meet the state’s overall needs, according a letter from Gov.

Peter Shumlin to the governor.

In the meantime, the Vermont Medical Association is trying to keep the Vermont Community Healthcare Center open, as well as other rural health centers, from its inception in 1884.

SUNDAY’S COVERAGE: The Associated Press Health Department has released a series of guidelines to help doctors and others in the health care system, including how to make a health care error, how to report an error and how to help patients avoid a misdiagnosis. SOURCE: AP