Which doctor is the father of your doctor?

The father of a gynecologist has made the claim that his father was the one who pioneered the concept of the “chapels hill” and was responsible for saving lives in the late 1960s.

Dr Charles Chapelle was a founding partner of the Georgetown University Hospital in Georgetown, Kentucky.

He was born in 1879, and grew up in Kentucky.

He had an office in Kentucky and then worked as a doctor at Georgetown for more than 50 years.

His family said the family was the first family to move to the United States in 1865.

Dr Chapelle said he was a member of the American Medical Association from 1926 to 1953, and was an orthopedic surgeon in the 1960s and 1970s.

He had been a surgeon in New York City and New England, before retiring in 1980.

The medical profession has traditionally embraced the idea that doctors were always good, he said, adding that the concept was popularized by Dr William A. Warren, who was a father of the theory that doctors always had good intentions.

Dr Warren’s theory was that people were born with a gene for “bad” health.

It’s the gene for not having the best genes, and that when a doctor performs a surgery that they could have performed in a different situation, the results could have been different, Dr Chapelle noted.

“It’s a lot of the genetic code is bad,” he said.

“It’s something that doctors don’t have.”

Dr Chapel said he believes that Dr Warren’s research helped to shift medical thinking, especially regarding how to prevent and treat health problems.

He said his father also believed that doctors should only perform surgery that was appropriate and safe, adding, “You can’t expect people to die from that surgery.

If they did, I’m sure they would have been arrested.”

Dr Chapman said his mother was also a doctor in her day, and he believes she could have saved lives by being able to prescribe a safer option to people.

Dr Chapman also said his dad never complained about his health, and would tell him to do whatever he had to do.

“He was not a politician, but he was always telling me, ‘If I have to do this, I’ll do it’,” he said of his father.

“He said that he was never embarrassed.

He said if he had had to go out and perform surgery on himself, he would have done it.

I’m very thankful that he’s gone and died a doctor.”

Dr Charles Chapman, a member to the American Academy of Family Physicians, spoke about the father’s work during a press conference.ABC News/Washington Post