When does an abortion go wrong? The answer is complicated.

In an exclusive interview with POLITICO, the nation’s top obstetrician says it’s time for the U.S. to get a “clear picture” of what is wrong with a fetus.

The question is, is it too late to abort the fetus?

The answer is complex, said Dr. William Schaffner, president and CEO of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Schaffson said he’s not a medical expert, but he believes that the unborn fetus has an innate capacity to experience pain and distress.

The United States has the third-highest abortion rate in the developed world, but abortion rates are declining in some states, particularly states with restrictive abortion laws.

Schaffner said doctors have become more comfortable in the last few decades talking about fetal pain, which is often underreported because doctors don’t want to sound critical.

In a time when there’s been an uptick in the availability of abortion pills, doctors are starting to see more fetal pain and even death, Schaffberg said.

And while there’s no way to know for certain whether a fetus has the capacity to feel pain, there is some evidence that it does, Schiffner said.

In one study, researchers found that fetal heart rate was lower in women who had an abortion.

Schiffner added that even if doctors don’ t know for sure what’s going on in a fetus’ body, they can make an educated decision about whether or not to abort a pregnancy.

Schuffner, who has been practicing obstetrics and gynecological medicine for nearly 40 years, said he believes doctors should take a second look at what’s happening in the womb.

He said there’s an increased incidence of complications from pregnancy.

In some cases, doctors have to abort fetuses.

And that has led to more cases of Caesarean sections, he said.

Schafner also said he thinks there’s a difference between the abortion of a fetus that is too early and the abortion that is late.

“It’s a bit more complex than just a few days,” Schaffer said.

“You have a whole set of medical issues that go into making a decision, including the fetal heartbeat, fetal heartrate, the potential for infection and so on.

That’s a whole different conversation.”

Dr. Susan M. Miller, an obstetric surgeon and the president and founder of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, said she believes abortions should be delayed until doctors can find out what’s wrong with the fetus.

In the meantime, Miller said, women can still get an abortion when they feel like they’re in a fetal heartbeat.

Miller, who also works for Planned Parenthood, said there are several ways to handle a fetal heart attack.

“There’s nothing you can do that’s really a good idea right now, but you can take a step back and say, ‘How do we prepare to treat the situation when the fetus has a heart attack?'”

She said there is a way to treat a fetal death, but only if the woman has a physical examination, blood tests and medical records.

She also said there needs to be more communication with women about their right to abortion, and she thinks doctors need to be trained to talk about the difference between fetal heart attacks and fetal deaths.

She said she has seen an increase in fetal deaths and fetal heart conditions in Indiana, which she said is the result of the state’s anti-abortion laws.

“The law is not the reason, but it is the consequence of those laws,” Miller said.

“If you have a fetal birth, the law is a lot like the law against abortion.

It’s a very dangerous thing,” Miller added.

“I’m not suggesting that abortion should be allowed.”

Miller said that while there are some people who are against abortion, there are also people who want to have the procedure done.

“There are people who think it’s not really necessary.

There are people that are opposed to abortion for medical reasons, but that’s not the point,” Miller told POLITICO.”

They think, ‘I’m going to kill my fetus because I don’t like the way it looks,'” she added.”

I think we’ve got to get to the point where the laws are changed so that people who need to have abortions can have them, and the laws have to be changed so people who really want to get an abort should be able to.”