‘Catch the flu and get back to work’

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in West Bengal, the state which was the country’s biggest loser in the national budget, has ordered all doctors to take part in an “emergency” programme, saying “catch the flu” and “get back to the job” will be mandatory.

The state government’s decision comes after several doctors have complained of the health crisis, with some saying they have stopped treating patients after finding out they have the flu.

The government has also asked all private health insurers to reimburse patients who have contracted the flu for treatment.

“We will make a mandatory plan in the health sector and then all doctors will have to take this mandatory plan,” health minister M.K. Venkateshwar told the PTI news channel on Sunday.

The health minister said the government will also make a policy on how to treat patients who are already in the hospital after their hospitalisation.

According to reports, the decision to introduce the mandatory programme was taken after the government announced that doctors in the state will be reimbursed for treating patients who contracted the disease after being admitted to a private hospital.

“The government is ready to pay for treatment of the patients.

The government has decided to reimburse the doctors for their medical treatment,” Venkatswar said.

He said that the government is also seeking a report from the state government on the health of the doctors, as well as their compensation.

The health minister also said that it was the responsibility of the state governments to provide health services to the people, but he had ordered the medical colleges and hospitals to provide them with all the necessary resources.

He said the state had allocated Rs 7,000 crore for the construction of hospitals and other facilities, but the construction was not completed.

In August, the government ordered a national vaccination drive for the people who had contracted the coronavirus, saying that the virus would reach West Bengal by March.