The Best Hospitals in America: What to Know about the Best Hospices

There are a ton of reasons to choose a specialty hospital, and a number of reasons why a particular hospital may or may not be the best.

But as we’ve already seen, the choice of specialty is often up to you.

To find out if a particular specialty is a good fit for you, Polygon asked the experts at Hospitality Business Journal to share their top 10 favorite hospitals for your next special occasion.

Read on for their picks for the best hospitals for couples and single people.1.

Mayo Clinic/University Hospitals Chicago, Illinois 2.

Mayo/University of Illinois Chicago, IL 3.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 4.

Mayo-Loyola University Chicago, Chicago 5.

New York Presbyterian Hospital New York, New York 6.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Memphis, Tennessee 7.

Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, Ohio 8.

Mayo Children’s Hospital New Orleans, Louisiana 9.

University of Miami Florida, Florida 10.

St Francis Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania