New York health department urges women to wear pads after deadly OB/GYN accident

The New York Health Department has asked women to consider wearing pads when they visit doctors after an OB/gynology nurse accidentally injured a patient and died while performing an exam, The Associated Press has learned.

The New York City Health Department issued the warning to women at a Friday news conference, saying the nurse and her colleague were returning from a routine visit to a female patient with a pre-existing medical condition.

It was unclear how the nurse’s injuries occurred or whether she had been wearing a pad during the exam.

“While it is true that these are serious issues, they are not preventable and it is vital that women have access to care and be safe during exams,” the agency said in a statement.

The nurse, who was not identified, had just returned to the exam room after an hour-long drive when she was accidentally pulled into the examination room and crushed against the wall.

Her colleague, who is on leave from his job, was in the examination area when she fell to the ground, the agency’s statement said.

The patient’s family has demanded an independent investigation into the accident and said the nurse should have known better and could have prevented the accident.

The agency said it would send out a public alert on Friday and would work with the family to ensure the patient’s privacy.

The accident has reignited debate over whether women should wear pads while undergoing examinations and has prompted calls for better training of nurses.

The New Jersey-based OB/Gyn clinic is known for its “pads don’t hurt” campaign.

The AP contributed to this report.