A Queensland GP says women who choose to have an abortion are being discriminated against

Posted April 10, 2019 09:47:08 A Queensland woman is being targeted by an online backlash after she refused to have a woman-to-woman abortion.

Adrian Wilson, a GP from the state’s Sunshine Coast, has been inundated with comments and threats online in recent days after the woman, who was 18 weeks pregnant, asked him to terminate her pregnancy.

He told her she was “so lucky” that she didn’t have to have surgery to remove the foetus from her body.

“She asked me if I was going to give birth to the baby,” he said.

“She was crying.”

He said he was “stunned” when she told him she was pregnant and asked him if he could help her find someone to have the abortion.

“I said, ‘I don’t want to be the one who’s responsible for the child,'” he said of the woman.

“So I said, let’s do it in private.”

“It was shocking,” he continued.

“I just went back to the toilet and went to bed.”

Wilson said he has since been inundate with “sick and twisted” comments and death threats.

“[I’ve] had people say to me that I should be ashamed of myself for having had the abortion,” he added.

Wilson is a licensed GP and was previously the medical director of a maternity unit at the Sunshine Coast General Hospital.

In a statement, the Sunshine Health Network said Wilson had been informed of the threats and said he had been advised to take “immediate action”.

“He has since contacted us, apologised and asked that we be in contact with the family,” the statement read.

The woman who made the comments, who has not been named, was in her early 20s and from a well-off family.

She said she was worried about the baby’s future, had been unable to find a partner, and had never had an abortion.

“It’s so frustrating,” she said.

Last week, the Queensland Government launched a public awareness campaign on the topic of women having abortions.

Dr Wilson said he would be “horrified” if the person behind the threats received the funding they were requesting. ABC/AAP