How gynecologists are using drones to help them treat women

Gynecologists at a New York City clinic are using a drone to help the women they’re treating by remotely taking measurements of their reproductive organs.

The women in the clinic are wearing disposable masks that look like masks for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

The nurses who help them take care of them take a few minutes to check their body for signs of infection and then perform a few tests before they take their first pill, a form of contraception.

A few weeks later, they’ll start taking the pill again.

The women have the option of getting another dose, but they have to wait until after the second pill has been taken to know if they’ve contracted any new STDs.

The clinic, called the Lighthouse Clinic for Gynecology, uses a drone and a smartphone app to monitor their body.

It also uses a computerized camera to track the women’s temperature and heartbeat.

This way, they know exactly how they feel, and how many times they ovulate, before they have an abortion.

The drones use a GoPro camera to record the women, but the nurse uses a smartphone to keep track of her own body.

The nurse can see how much fluid has been absorbed by the uterus, the vagina, and the cervix, and what the hormones are in the womens bloodstream.

They also have access to ultrasound images and a chest X-ray, which are sent to the clinic’s medical staff.

The staff then checks the data, using algorithms to find infections.

When they’re done with their treatment, the women return to the office.

The nurses take their tablets back, and they can return to their normal jobs.

This is a first for gynecology clinics, and it could be a major step forward in the fight against STDs in women.