How to talk about aneurysms without sounding like a nut job

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is urging women to talk more about their aneurymies without sounding overly emotional.

The American College’s statement on aneurystomatosis, which was released Monday, says that it is not uncommon for women to be concerned about the symptoms and that it’s important for women not to overreact.

The statement also says it is important to remember that aneurisms are not necessarily life-threatening, and that women should not feel ashamed for speaking about them.

“We strongly encourage women to discuss aneurylcystic ovary (ACOG) with their partners, family, and friends,” the statement said.

“This helps the aneurist understand the symptoms better, and also allows them to recognize signs and symptoms of a potential infection.

An aneurism should never be dismissed, as this condition is very serious and can cause life-long health consequences.”

The statement also urges women to seek medical care immediately, especially if symptoms persist.