How the NHS can help doctors save lives

The National Health Service is in crisis.

The health system is failing to keep up with rising demand.

Now, some of the best minds in the country are trying to help.

In a major overhaul of the NHS, doctors are set to receive more training in cancer and heart disease, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get the training they need to deliver the best care for patients.

Dr Caroline Smith and Dr Simon Lewis are among the top experts to have signed up to the NHS Training Partnership, which will see doctors train alongside nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and other specialists.

The partnership will be based in Newcastle, a city that has become known for its medical care.

The group is led by Dr Caroline Smith, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecological surgery, and Dr Lewis, a paediatrician.

The pair will train in the city to improve their skills.

“We’re looking to help them become the best nurses, the best doctors, the most compassionate doctors, and ultimately, the people that the system needs,” Dr Smith said.

“It’s a new kind of approach, it’s a completely new way of doing things.”

In an interview with ABC News on Sunday, Dr Smith also revealed the team will be bringing together other medical experts.

“This is not a one-off,” she said.”[The NHS Training Partners] will have all the best medical, dental, obstetric and gynecolo-oncology experts from across the country.”

Dr Smith is the founder of the Newcastle Institute of Medical Education and Training (NIMET), which was founded to provide free, one-on-one training for doctors and nurses.

It has trained over 6,000 people across NSW.

Dr Lewis is a specialist on maternal and neonatal health, and was formerly a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney.

Dr Smith said the team had already seen a huge improvement in their training.

“What we’ve seen with the training is that we’ve had a dramatic increase in our overall capacity to do the work that we do,” she explained.

“In other words, we’ve trained at the highest level, we’re doing things that are very difficult to do.”

But we’ve also had the skills that we need to do it well and efficiently.

“What we know about the Newcastle NHS Training Partner”We also know that there are areas where we haven’t been able to train as much as we need.

“So we’re bringing in some of our own trained professionals that will work with us, who will be able to provide training in areas like obstetrology and pathology and obstetrogynaecology.”

Dr Lewis said the Newcastle Training Partners would work closely with the NSW Government to ensure the NHS trained the best possible doctors and midwives in the region.

“The government’s been working really hard to try and bring together some of those different areas, particularly in areas that are really under-resourced,” Dr Lewis said.

“So we’ll be working closely with them to get those skills in place.”

The Newcastle Training Partner has also agreed to pay for a pilot scheme in the state, where doctors and nurse practitioners will train with other NHS providers.

The project is due to start in 2019.

Dr Lee said the training was key to the Newcastle Health Service’s future success.

“If we can get the best health workers in the world to work with the best healthcare workers, then we can really turn around a health system that’s going to become increasingly more efficient, and less expensive,” he said.

“We can’t afford to not be able provide the care that the public is looking for, and that is what the Newcastle Medical Training Partnership is about.”

Dr Lee also pointed out that there was an opportunity to improve patient care.

“Because we can have an increased number of nurses in these clinical settings, we can better provide care for the more vulnerable people in the community,” he explained.

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